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April 29, 2011
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UI 64 Dual Platform by Skorpion66 UI 64 Dual Platform by Skorpion66
Stop! Bolt time! :D

I'm finally done with the dual-platform!
It's an SMG as requested and a 6-shot bolt gun for stealthy kills! Caliber? 5.45mm.
It also has... Wait for it! Direct satellite uplink! :dummy: That piece of tech is actually called the Umbrakinetic Industries Weapon and Armor Integrated Comunication and Scanning Satelite Battle Computer.

EDIT: The bolts fired from the revolving mag are not propelled via gunpowder. A coil is used. Kinda like a rail gun.
I hope that satisfies your need for everything to be realistic! :)
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ONI-Defense Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's a great looking design, though it'd be classified as a dual platform coilgun. I do think that a cheek rest cover that opens on a hinge could have been added over the revolving chamber.
Strike-Wolf Oct 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Just saying... that revolver cylinder is right where the cheek rests. I hope you don't like your face, because it's gonna go bye-bye.
Skorpion66 Oct 20, 2011  Student Interface Designer
It seems I have to explain this once more. The bolts fired from the revolving mag are not propelled via gunpowder. A coil is used. Kinda like a rail gun.
Revolver-type weapons tend to expel a lot of gases at the point where the cylinder meets the barrel. This configuration would have that point right by the operator's face, so shooting glasses would be a must. Maybe a shroud (interchangeable for left or right-handed shooters) over that section would be in order. Since this is a coaxial weapon, sharing the same barrel, you'd also need a way for the forward bolt group to retract down or to the side when the cylinder section is used.

That said, this is a good, clean look. I like the uplink idea. The notion of sending gunsight views nearly instantly back to off-site command makes this an intelligence-gathering platform as well as a weapon.
Skorpion66 Aug 16, 2011  Student Interface Designer
I was going to make a cheek rest above the cylinder, but I would have made it quite blocky back then. :D I might do it some day though...
Very impressive. I haven't done anything like this but i hope to. For the bolt gun, you said it is fired by a spring. Where would this spring mechanism be housed. It does not look like there is anywhere for it behind the revolver. Just wondering Its an awesome weapon.
Skorpion66 May 4, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Thanks.As I've said before "A coil is used. Kinda like a rail gun.". I have no memory of saying it's spring-action.
Sorry about the spring thing. heh i saw coil and thought spring for some reason.
The idea is brilliant, this is probably one of the most original meldings of platforms, but would it make more sense to make both modules shoot from the same trigger? It looks like the revolver fires a longer round, and that trigger looks very uncomfortable.

On a side note I can't get over how lenient the const is about what's considered an SMG -_-
Skorpion66 May 2, 2011  Student Interface Designer
And thanks!
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